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look at it

yet another nother foodja storry. foodga is a onece normal ken doll.then he came into laura's and jeassies and mallissa's aaaannnnd merina's grasp.we transformed hism into foodja. Scary as it might seem we transformed him into something south park would be begging to have on there show.
The Beggining:
it all started out with with laura going over laurans<ya i dont care if u dont no who she is.c under friends.>she had an oh so beautiful new ken doll.laura wanted that doll knowing it's full potensial as a compleat ummm water it waz. so she took him and ran back to her house. once there she concolted me<merina>and jessies help.after an hour or soo UREKA!!!!!!!!! Foodga waz born. slower then a train and able to drink a gallon of buze in under 15 miuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Foodgas intresting <pretend> past
fodga and emenem have been friends 4 eva infact just about as long as fodgas been an achollick.<wow!thats a really long time!!>and obviusly foodga couldn't work, sooo when emenem got famous he let foodga live with him.with an unlimited supply of bouze wich he stored in a gas pump.intresting?i think so.any how. his nik name waz bozzman or bouzer.once he almost died from not getting enof of it!!!!!



No this is no  fodga's girl friend. The bellow is a picture of foodga with emenem's girlfriend shelly at a party.



in conclution fudga waz a very intresting type.he is still around today. Drop by some time and say hi. but dont forget to bring a drink

Fooja here

Fooja  is  a  Ken  barbie   doll