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THe LauRa

The begining and creation...


this is super silvana.. .shes a night crawler her motto?? well its JUST DO IT... her idol and hero is christopher reed the guy who cant move and only can wiggle his stinky toe that smeels like holy cheese and according to south park only the sexiest thing since waffles and aunt jamooama he eats babies heads when he rips them in two hee needs the placenta after he feels sexy he intro duced silvana to the placentas one day while having fun with placentsa this is how the story goes one day savan and chris went up the hill to get a waffle when they came down chris broke his toe and silvana came rolling after.. . in the attempt to get the waffle first.. . however the waffle died cuz aunt jamama ate it so then they were sad and i came alive to make them more sad 

hi my name is laura and this is my website i hope you like it i am the product of savan as u can see anyways i love anything that smells funny and is weird i am the kind of person savan yells at me to stay away from in the pic is me and my the crazy one holding the bread and ready to stab savan with the sexy blue crayola crayon because she makes me do the bergams homework... one day this shmon brought me this excited hairy little thing i named it shmoga pasboba flish or bob for short anyways it lives in my house in this cage and gets excited all the time and loves to try and make babies. its getting old tho and will soon join aunt jamama because she choked on the waffle and died on day *tear* 


Hi we is a friends tee hee!!!


This me!!!!!!!!!!!:)




and it ends...