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Me Friends

these are all my friends!


read n learn!

Marrisa:aaaa Marrisas allways nice 2 me shes my other good friend we play together alot at school and we get together alot!PS.Bad Bob lmao!!!

Vannessa:umm lol shes my best friend shes funnie and darind PS.luv ya PINK hair!

Katie:Shes a friend and shes nice. weve gotten together a few times!PS.sealsssssss

Courtney:shes my friend we talk alot on MSN its allways funnie when u talk to Courtney!PS.chhhcooc

Sabrina:She is never mean 2 anyone shes very nice and very smart!:Plol also really funni and a good friend!

Alex:aaahheheehhe good times...shes really funni and we also talk alot on MSN!

Jen:shes is like the nicest person in are grade!!!!!!!we play sometimes at school!

.Jessica:heheheheh your so funni even though your in grade 9 your nice and your still awsome!

Sydney:we really werent friends but this year we kinda are...anyway well i guesse were friends...

Alisa:NOOOOOOOOOOO we are not friends aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Ashleigh: shes nice iv seen and talked with her at the park....and shes fun 2 be around!!!!!!!!

Angela:we havent gotten together but were still good friends over MSN :) but ive played with her at Vannessas house!

Tayor:Shes nice and funni hahaha good times on SIMS we have gotten together alot!

Victoria:shes nice and always has a smile shes a good friend!

Sylvia: shes really nice and outgoing she is a good friend!

Georgette:shes nice we dont play alot together but she is still very nice!

Alexis:shes really fuuni i talk 2 her alot on MSN!lol PS.i luv ur pics!

Bronte: Ill really miss u u were a good friend!


Amber: ya i no your probally like ewwwwww  aaaa Amber!! but once u get 2 no her shes really nice!!

Merina: ya i no she moved but shes still a good friend and we still get together!



and thats all!